Staz is in the House!

So recently I interviewed Staz, who won the last WESG in which he went the distance. We talked about the etymology of his name, his favorite things ingame and what not. The dude is a fun guy to talk to. I suggest you guys to go over and read his interview here to get to know more about one of our representatives for HGG.

I shall be doing more of these soon, and I will also be posting Hearthstone tourney updates and news.

Till next time! See you lads and always stay cheeky!


When boredom strikes!

Hello lads! I just want to share a photo I took while waiting for the lads last time for the footie practice. This was taken at Pana-ad Park and Stadium, where our national team, the Philippine Azkals, plays sometimes. And also, it’s the home ground of Ceres-La Salle FC, a club that plays in the UFL, a domestic football league in the Philippines.

It was a beautiful day that  time and I was right underneath  the stadium. I set my cleats on the bannister and decided to snap a photo. Didn’t expect it would come out this way, since I was only using my phone camera that time.

Once again, this is Footy, and you guys stay cheeky! Cheers!


Beautiful day at Pana-ad