Brief Hiatus

Alright lads! Sorry for the short hiatus. Me and Foodie has been busy the past week and have been going home tired. Her from her office, and me from footy practice. I was given a trial for Atletico de Negros and it turned out good. Hoping I still get selected for the squad despite my old age.

Also busy with coaching the kids for their NOPSSCEA games. Practice on weekdays, game days on weekends. It has been eating a lot of my time and I haven’t been writing much due to this.

Also visited the home ground as they have just mowed half of the pitch. My other club, NGC United will be practicing there soon.

Home turf has been mowed. NGC here we come!!

I will be posting more again since I managed to find more time these days, so keep posted!

Once again, this is Footy, and you guys stay cheeky! Cheers!