Brief Hiatus

Alright lads! Sorry for the short hiatus. Me and Foodie has been busy the past week and have been going home tired. Her from her office, and me from footy practice. I was given a trial for Atletico de Negros and it turned out good. Hoping I still get selected for the squad despite my old age.

Also busy with coaching the kids for their NOPSSCEA games. Practice on weekdays, game days on weekends. It has been eating a lot of my time and I haven’t been writing much due to this.

Also visited the home ground as they have just mowed half of the pitch. My other club, NGC United will be practicing there soon.

Home turf has been mowed. NGC here we come!!

I will be posting more again since I managed to find more time these days, so keep posted!

Once again, this is Footy, and you guys stay cheeky! Cheers!


When boredom strikes!

Hello lads! I just want to share a photo I took while waiting for the lads last time for the footie practice. This was taken at Pana-ad Park and Stadium, where our national team, the Philippine Azkals, plays sometimes. And also, it’s the home ground of Ceres-La Salle FC, a club that plays in the UFL, a domestic football league in the Philippines.

It was a beautiful day that  time and I was right underneath  the stadium. I set my cleats on the bannister and decided to snap a photo. Didn’t expect it would come out this way, since I was only using my phone camera that time.

Once again, this is Footy, and you guys stay cheeky! Cheers!


Beautiful day at Pana-ad

Dying moments…

Alright lads! I wasn’t able to post the match recap from yesterday as promised since I was sooo tired after the game. Plus, I had to sleep early since the game today was played in the morning. But I’m gonna do a double post today, yesterday and today’s game. Let’s start.

The game started earlier than the given schedule. As in 45 minutes too early. So I arrived 10 minutes “late”. Ms. Silva, the team’s manager, saw me arrive at the pitch, approached me right away and said, “Coach, the guys are 2 goals down”. I told her that it’s ok, it’s only the first half, and the lads could pull it back in the second half. I kinda moved away from her a bit since she was flailing her arms around. She gets excited whenever we have the ball, or exasparated when we lose the ball. But hey, I can’t blame her for that. I actually admire her passion, I just don’t wanna get hit.

The referree blew the whistle to signify the end of first half. I was racking my brain on how to pull it back. How to break our silence and have the boys keep the goals flowing. What I did was a very big risk, I changed tactics. I knew, if we wanted to be successful, we had to play aggressive. So I instructed my back three, to start moving up. I told Sam, the primary striker, to play as a false 9 again. I instructed Rubika to poach for goals. Same order I gave to Kim. I told Ryan, and Ralph,to take as many long shots as they could, since we could poach for goals anyway.

The whistle signified the start of the second half. The lads slowly walked up to the pitch. From the sidelines, I took the spot, together with the rest of the team, and started analyzing the game. How the players moved, my team and the opponents. I kinda pride myself as to be overly critical, and tend to analyze every single movement of the players, giving me a full scope and an idea in my head what they’re gonna do next.

I had an excellent vantage post at the sideline, the best seats in the house. As I watch the game unfold, I started my own battle in my head. Call it a chess game of sorts. I started barking orders to my team, not because I wasn’t confident, but because inside the pitch, you wont be able to see the whole game. There will always be something that will obstruct your view, be it a teammate or an opponent.

And the moment I’ve been for has arrived. Our first goal. It was nothing short of magnificent, how it happened. It was a lovely through ball by Kim inside the box. Sam was already there but he was crowded by defenders.So he flicked the ball over to Rubika, who slotted it to the top left of the box. It was the goalkeeper’s weak spot. At this point the floodgate has opened.

Second goal came by a free kick, just outside the box. Goal went in the same side. At the top left corner. Everyone was happy! I even took a little celebratory leap, a Neymar-esque leap. There is a feeling of elation at this point within the team, pulling back 2 goals in quick succession after a very hard first half, against the last year’s champs! It was like champagne was raining from the sky, that kind of feeling.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a game on our hands! We were clearing all the the balls left and right. Playing a magnificent defensive play. And you guys were thinking we were parking the bus? Hell no! We had 2 at the back at this point. We were all out attack, gunning for the win.

Then, something ominous happened. An unintentional foul. Ball in hand to the opposing team. And it was in the penalty spot! Jemar, the goalkeeper and the kick taker from the opponent were sizing up each other. It was like a Battle of Waterloo at that point. You could cut the tension in the air like a knife, like how you would cut butter with a warm butter knife. Then the referee whistled. Kick taker took it to the top left, Jemar went for it on the same direction, only he dove in the bottom left.

The opponents pulled a score for them, 3-2. Deadlock was broken. I told myself, we still had time. I wasn’t watching my watch at this point, just fueled by emotion as well. But then alas. The referee blew the whistle to end the game. We conceded a goal, at the dying moments of a game.

The guys hung their head low, I tried to cheer em up. Told them it was ok. I’m still proud of them, especially after that result. Others would wither at a task that big. These lads, I can’t think of a phrase to properly describe it, so I’m gonna borrow it from the late, great Jimi Hendrix, as it perfectly describes the scenario. Here it goes, these lads “stood up next to a mountain, and chopped it down with the edge of their hands”.

Absolutely perfect. Nicely done Mr. Hendrix, nicely done.


Alright that’s it for today lads!! Pictures will be edited in as soon as I get them! And once again, this is Footy, and you guys stay cheeky! Cheers!!

The First Win!

Alright lads! I told Foodie that I would sleep but I still can’t sleep, so here I am, writing a new blog.

So earlier today, I was out with the lads, (the highschool team I’m coaching) on their first football game. I was on the sidelines yelling orders while warming up the back-up goalkeeper Lexus. The game was intense. It was back and forth at first, and then something magical happened. Rubika, scored his first goal of the match!  It was a beautiful curling shot to the top left corner of the goal. Then the half continued for about 5 more minutes, then the ref blew the whistle.

My observations on the first half was, the opponents were bigger (they were playing against a college team), and more physical. So what I did is, I made adjustments to the positions of the players, and had Sam play as a false 9 because he was getting wrecked in the box. I wanted the kid to drop back and make passes since the opponents usually crowd to him when he is inside the box.

The Team. Standing left to right; Rubika, Arielle, Sam, Kim, Marc, Sean, Ralph, Jemar, Ryan. Sitting, left to right; Rieben, Lexus, Gerald, Kyle, Kenichi, Owen.


Second half resumed, and I was closely watching the ball, I then yelled an order to the defender, Arielle, to move forward a little bit and man-mark their striker. Which he did so with good effect. I took Owen out and let Rieben take his slot in the right back position, took Ryan out and put in Marc, since the opponent was playing long balls. The decision paid off since the opponent stopped playing long balls, which was their forte.

They started making errors on the short passing which my team capitalized. Sam managed to intercept the ball, which he then pinged over to the right wing. Kim, who was on the wing, dribbled the ball which drew an extra defender to him then dropped the ball to Rubika.

At that point, everything was in slow motion. Rubika feigned right, and the first defender went off balance. He then did a step over to confuse the second defender then megged him. He then positioned himself, took a shot at the goalkeeper and beat him in the far post! That was his second goal, and the second goal of the game!!

Everything returned to normal after that sequence. With the clock dwindling down, I called for another substitution, and put in Kyle,Ryan and Gerald since I need fresh legs for tomorrow’s game. Jemar, the goal keeper played exceptional in this game. Stopping a lot of chances the opposing team made.

Tomorrow, we will be playing against Arfien, another college team. We will keep the ball rolling and the wins coming in with tactical playing, good decision making, and most important of all, playing football and keeping it fun!

Two of my attackers. Sam (left) and Kim (right) and yours truly in the middle.

And that’s it for today lads! Once again, this is Footy, and you guys stay cheeky. Cheers!

Three teams standing

Alright lads!! Footy’s back again and the third week of English Football has been a roller coaster ride. Only 3 teams left undefeated in the Premiership. Let’s take a look at the games…..

First up, Chelsea. What can I say? Eden Hazard is back in form baby!!! He opened the scoring at 9 minutes in, with a low curling shot at the bottom left with a Nemanja Matic assist. Next up, Willian scored the second goal at 41 minutes. Diego Costa was the one responsible for the beautiful pass in the box for an easy Willian goal. Victor Moses slotted in Chelsea’s final goal of the game, at 89 minutes. Lovely cross from Pedro. Chelsea has scored in the dying minutes of the game in the first 3 games.

Eden Hazard with a beautiful curling strike. Photo credits to the Premier League.

Manchester United just got a win barely. Throughout the game, it was like they’re playing pingpong with the ball. I really wanted Zlatan to score a goal since he is my captain in a fantasy league I’m playing. But then again, Marcus Rashford scored the goal in the injury time, with a Wayne Rooney assist. Marcus Rashford, is one for the future. I hope the kid gets developed by Jose Mourinho and given ample playing time.

marcus rashford.JPG

Marcus Rashford taps in a goal from a Wayne Rooney cross. Photo credits to the Premier League.

The last undefeated team in the Prem is Manchester City. The Citizens thumped the Hammers at home in a 3-1 thrashing, with Raheem Sterling netting 2 goals. Sterling scored the first goal at the 7 minute mark from a Nolito assist, and his second goal came from a David Silva assist in the injury time, rounding around Adrian for a tap in. The Citizen’s second goal was from Fernandinho in the 18th minute mark, coming from a Kevin De Bruyne assist. Chelsea, why did we release De Bruyne again?

The Hammers pulled back a goal at the 58th minute mark from a Michail Antonio header. The goal was spectacular, earning Antonio a call up for the English squad from the big man himself, Sam Allardyce. This is what we have been saying before and kept trying to pound it in Woy Hodgson’s head. Bring Antonio to the Euros!!!


Antonio pulling a goal back for the visitors from a cross from Arthur Masuaku. Photo credits to the Premier League.

I will be reviewing the other games of the week from the Prem in a second post. Once again, this is Footy, and you guys stay cheeky. Cheers!

Thumping at the Allianz Arena

Alright lads!!! Bundesliga is here!! And I will be bringing you updates from the games being played in the German League!!

First up, the opener for the season was between Bayern Munich and SV Werder Bremen. Played at the Allianz Arena, home of the German giants Bayern.

Xabi Alonso, the Spanish midfielder opened the scoring at 8 minutes in with an awesome curling ball from outside the box. First goal of the Bundesliga season, hard to top that right?


Alonso’s majesterial volley from outside the box.  Photo credits to AFP/Getty Images


Wrong! Second goal came in at 14 minutes, a beautiful strike by Robert Lewandowski, the Polish striker, beating the goalkeeper on the far post. Top quality striking. The goal was started by Franck Ribery, who slotted a beautiful through ball towards Lewandoski.

Third goal was another amazing volley by Lewy again as he recieved a cross into the box from Thomas Muller. Scoring it with the bottom of his boots, that goal reminded me of a lot of Zlatan goals. That was 40 seconds from the start of the second half. I almost fell of my chair at how fast that goal was!! And I really thought that the scoring would stop at that point. Boy! I was wrong again!!

Fourth goal was created by Thomas Muller again!! Slotting a beautiful  1-2 pass towards Phillip Lahm who was running towards the box, then slotting it home to beat the keeper in the near post. This goal shows the passing power of the German giants. Muller has 2 assists at this point. Goal was scored at 65 minutes.

7 minutes later, Thomas Muller again put a low cross in the box towards Franck Ribery who slammed the ball at the top bins past the keeper. Another beautiful goal scored by the German giants, and another notch for the Frenchie in his goal scoring career. Fifth goal at 72 minutes.

The game was over at that point after Ribery scored, Muller had 3 assists and I thought Bayern is gonna be slowing down. Then again, that is not the case. Lewandowski slotted home a penalty kick for a hat trick and giving an awesome start to Carlo Ancelloti’s reign at the German capital.


Robert Lewandowski, doing a victory run after scoring his first goal. Photo credits to Bundesliga

Alright lads!! That is it for today’s Everything Bundesliga. Stay tuned for updates as I will be posting more games around the footballing world. Cheers!!

EPL Second Week Madness!!! – part 1

Alright lads!!! The English Premier League had nasty surprises on it’s second week of play!!

Hull AFC, which is a new promoted team with currently no manager and only 13 senior players, beat Liverpool 2-0. Adam the Llama, I mean Adam Lallana, missed a lot of chances to score.. Philippe Coutinho, who was impressive against their first game against Arsenal on the first week, was nowhere to be found. Mr. Klopp, will you be building a dynasty in The Kop? Or are you gonna be another statistic?

Next up, The Citizens, thumped Stoke City, 4-1. Sergio Aguero wants to win the Golden Boot this year, already with 3 goals under his belt. I guess Manchester City did it in a cold afternoon in Stoke.

And let’s talk about the team I support, Chelsea. Chelsea won again. The Conte Effect is real!!! Diego Costa, sealed the winner at the 87th minute. Last game he did it in the 89th. Stop giving me a heart attack please. Michy Batshuayi, the Belgian midfielder they just acquired is showing that he will be a future world beater in the years to come. He started the run that Costa scored against West Ham a week ago, and scored his debut goal against Watford to equalize on the second game. Hell of a deal that kid is!!


Michy Batshuayi, the Belgian wonderkid Chelsea just signed, says he still needs to adopt to the physicality of the Prem.

Photo credits to Sky Sports

Alright!! That’s it for this week lads!!! Will be talking about other teams on my next post. Cheers!!!

First week of the Premier League

Alright lads!!! We are back again and this time I will be talking about the roller coaster ride of the first week of the Premier League.

First things first, Hull City won their first game against Leicester City, the 15/16 EPL champions. This could be the effect of losing Kante, now they don’t have someone who will win the ball back in the middle of the field. Maybe we will see a trend of bottom tier teams competing for spots in the Top 10 of EPL.

Arsenal against Liverpool. Only thing I can say about that game can be summed up in 2 words, Philippe Coutinho. The Brazilian just bossed the midfield. With his teammates Adam the Llama, I mean Adam Lallana and Saido Mane who had a goal a piece. Mane is starting to pay off the transfer fee that Klopp paid Southampton to get the Senegalese striker. Are we gonna be seeing a Jurgen Klopp dynasty in the making in The Kop?

Next up is Manchester City against Sunderland. Sergio Aguero opened up his 2016/2017 scoring account with a goal from the 12 yard pot at 4 minutes in. Jermain Defoe, showing his class as a true goalscorer, leveled the match at 71 minutes in. The Citizens barely copped out a win if it isn’t for a deflection of off Paddy McNair thus scoring an own goal. Way to give Pep his first win Paddy, no booze for you tonight I guess.

Bournemouth didn’t stand a chance. With the amount of firepower United has, they should have made this goal margin pretty easy. Let’s just hope we don’t see a repeat of the MK Dons episode from a few years back.

Last but not the least, Chelsea against West Ham.This is a game that was destined for a draw, up until the 89th minute where Diego Costa showed us his heroics of scoring the winning goal. This was a match that was very hard to watch for me because I wanted The Blues to get their first win and start their season running. Let’s hope Eden Hazard keeps his form up and provides us more wins. Also, Michy Batshuayi showed us a glimpe of what he can do, leading off the build-up play that made Costa score the winning goal. Like we all would like to say, In Roman we Trust.

That’s it for today lads! I will be posting updates on the coming second week of the Premier League.

EPL is Here!!!

Alright football fans!! EPL has just started and what a season it is gonna be. The club that I support got very good players this transfer window, as well as a new manager. I do hope Antonio Conte replicates what he did in the Serie A with Juventus on his stay with Chelsea. And I do hope that Eden Hazard (*cough* last season choke *cough*) doesn’t do that again. Michy Batshuayi is also a good buy, gives us very good striking options up top. The cream of the deal is getting N’Golo Kante from the 2015/2016 EPL champions Leicester City. Now we have a very good engine in Kante. I wonder if the rumors are true, the Earth 70% covered by water and the rest by Kante.. Lol!!



In other teams of the league, Pep Guardiola signed with Manchester City, and started to bolster up his squad. Adding John Stones(overrated English defender) from Everton for £50 million. What is up with these English players and over-inflated price tags?!?! Raheem Sterling, I’m looking at you. Anyway, aside from that, lets talk about the good players Pep brought in. Ilkay Gundogan from Dortmund, Leroy Sane from Schalke 04 and an old Nolito from Celta Vigo. Pep really loves stealing players from other leagues where he managed teams. Haha!!



Next up is the other half of the Mancunians, Manchester United. Boring build up play gets replaced with park the bus. Louis Van Gaal out, Jose Mourinho in. Now let’s see how Jose spent his money this transfer window. He signed Zlatan Ibrahimovic from PSG on a one year deal. Zlatan, although old, is still the quintessential CF or a target man. His debut goal against Galatasaray speaks about the quality of Zlatan. I mean, a bicycle kick within 3 minutes of his debut for United? Wow!!! Next up is another player from Dortmund, Henrikh Mkhitaryan. He will definitely add fire power up on the right side of the United squad. And lastly, Paul Pogba from Juventus. United spent £100 million, yes you heard that right. £100 million to get the youngster back to the squad, which a few years ago, they sold the youngster to Juventus on a free transfer. Crazy huh?!?!


Well that’s all for now in this episode of EPL Is Here. I will be reviewing other teams on the next episode. Cheers!!!

Oh and before I forget; football fans, especially those who follow the EPL, have your significant other sign this document.. LOL!!




Prepare your pillows on the couch when that happens though. LOL!!!!