Honey Parmesan French Toast


Since my brainΒ refused to recognize today as a holiday and insisted on waking up at 5am, I just got up and started preparing breakfast. πŸ΄πŸšπŸ³πŸ§€

I made Garlic Soy Fried Rice, a 5-egg Omelette au Fromage (Cheese omelette but I decided to go Dexter’s Lab about it…πŸ§€πŸ³πŸ˜‹), some breakfast sausage patties and milkfish frankfurters from my S&R stash yesterday. (Thank you to the 2 ladies who kept us well fed with their fish nuggets and fish frankfurters samples. You are much appreciated.πŸ˜˜πŸ‘πŸΌ )

The family was up by the time I finished cooking so the food went onΒ Chewpacabra mode – gone before I could take any pictures.πŸ˜‚

To make up for this lack of tangible proof, I’ll feature a different recipe instead from my Instagram account (@chocomallow82 – shameless promotion, I know.πŸ˜‚), Honey Parmesan French Toast.πŸ―πŸ§€πŸΌπŸž

I usually prefer a “-SiLog” (any meat viand plus garlic friend rice plus egg πŸ˜‹) for breakfast but this was from the one time I craved for french toasts. They’re also great for snacking though. 😊


Milk (whole milk or evaporated)
Grated Parmesan

Sliced Bread, preferrably at least a day old

Butter for frying

Combine everything to taste except the cheese. Dip the bread into the mixture and place on a hot non-stick pan. Immediately add some grated parmesan on the still wet top side. When the bottom is browned to your preference turn the bread. The parmesan will be toasty – heavenly! πŸ˜‡

Drizzle with a bit more honey before devouring. Pairs great with coffee.πŸ˜‹β˜•οΈ