“It’s been weeks since my last episode, I really don’t know what is happening to me”, said Billy, while talking to a horse inside a barn.

He grumbled, “I think I’m going crazy. Why am I even talking to you. Last time I heard about the pack was a few weeks ago. I don’t really know what happened to my friends, but I’m gonna get to the bottom of it. Someone, or something murdered them.”

flash fic.jpg
Photo was provided by MajesticGoldenRose.


He stepped out of the barn, started walking towards the road, then looked back.

“I need sustenance first. Before I embark on my journey to seek justice for what happened to my friends. Red, Lance, Eric. Help me. Talk to me. Give me a sign. Tell me where to start.”

After Billy ate some berries and meat, he left the farm. Only thing he heard was the cattle rustling behind him.

This is in response to a writing challenge by Priceless Joy. Please go ahead and click the link for the writing challenge. Stories written by other authors could be found here.


11 thoughts on “Serene

      1. Sounds great! Except I don’t allow continuation stories in the FFfAW challenge. It is too hard for the readers to keep up with. If you can make it a stand alone story that would work!


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