The Pack

“Eric, you said Billy is how far again?”, came the harsh remark of Red, the leader.

“Billy is all mine. I don’t want anyone to lay a finger on him.Red, don’t stop me.”

“Make it quick, we have other business to attend to. We will stand down if you want, but when we hear something not right, we will come in to get you. You hear pal?”, chimed in Lance, the enforcer of the group.

“You got nothing to worry about, he will come.”, replied Eric.

the pack.jpg
Amazing action shot by Sunayana and MoiPensieve. MoiPensieve’s site can be found here.

Eric walked up to the door, pulled out the gun from his holster, and kicked the door in. Horror set in when Eric saw what Billy has become. He let out a long agonizing scream.

The crew ran in to Eric’s aid. Each one falling like Eric. Billy fled in the cover of the dark.

The bikes are the only witness to terror.

This is in response to a writing challenge by Priceless Joy. Please go ahead and click the link for the writing challenge. Stories written by other authors could be found here.


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