Mayday! Mayday!

Thornton asked the chopper pilot, “Sir, are we gonna make it in time? This is urgent.”

The pilot replied, “It depends on  the air traffic sir, we are approaching La Guardia. If there are planes landing, we might be halted.”

To this, Thornton replied, “Is there a possibility we can steer away from that and take a different route?As long as it is less than 15 minutes, then we’re clear.”

The pilot nodded and slowly turned  the chopper going east.He then said, “We will be at the destination within 10 minutes sir.”

Thornton, relieved, sat back and then pulled out a picture from his wallet. He was gonna make it to where he needed to be.

He is excited to become a father.

Awesome Shot! Photo credits to Mr. Iain Kelly. For his other works, please visit Once Upon A Time.

This is in response to a writing challenge by Priceless Joy. Please go ahead and click the link for the writing challenge. Stories written by other authors could be found here.


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