EPL is Here!!!

Alright football fans!! EPL has just started and what a season it is gonna be. The club that I support got very good players this transfer window, as well as a new manager. I do hope Antonio Conte replicates what he did in the Serie A with Juventus on his stay with Chelsea. And I do hope that Eden Hazard (*cough* last season choke *cough*) doesn’t do that again. Michy Batshuayi is also a good buy, gives us very good striking options up top. The cream of the deal is getting N’Golo Kante from the 2015/2016 EPL champions Leicester City. Now we have a very good engine in Kante. I wonder if the rumors are true, the Earth 70% covered by water and the rest by Kante.. Lol!!



In other teams of the league, Pep Guardiola signed with Manchester City, and started to bolster up his squad. Adding John Stones(overrated English defender) from Everton for £50 million. What is up with these English players and over-inflated price tags?!?! Raheem Sterling, I’m looking at you. Anyway, aside from that, lets talk about the good players Pep brought in. Ilkay Gundogan from Dortmund, Leroy Sane from Schalke 04 and an old Nolito from Celta Vigo. Pep really loves stealing players from other leagues where he managed teams. Haha!!



Next up is the other half of the Mancunians, Manchester United. Boring build up play gets replaced with park the bus. Louis Van Gaal out, Jose Mourinho in. Now let’s see how Jose spent his money this transfer window. He signed Zlatan Ibrahimovic from PSG on a one year deal. Zlatan, although old, is still the quintessential CF or a target man. His debut goal against Galatasaray speaks about the quality of Zlatan. I mean, a bicycle kick within 3 minutes of his debut for United? Wow!!! Next up is another player from Dortmund, Henrikh Mkhitaryan. He will definitely add fire power up on the right side of the United squad. And lastly, Paul Pogba from Juventus. United spent £100 million, yes you heard that right. £100 million to get the youngster back to the squad, which a few years ago, they sold the youngster to Juventus on a free transfer. Crazy huh?!?!


Well that’s all for now in this episode of EPL Is Here. I will be reviewing other teams on the next episode. Cheers!!!

Oh and before I forget; football fans, especially those who follow the EPL, have your significant other sign this document.. LOL!!




Prepare your pillows on the couch when that happens though. LOL!!!!


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